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Founded in 1947, we are proud that Rusco is in the heart of the Roanoke Valley. Our commitment to growth helps our business as well as the town that we live in. We are known up and down the east coast for beauty, quality and craftsmanship. Our dealer network spans eight states, including our home state of Virginia and others surrounding, as well as a local retail and commercial division in the Roanoke Valley.


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EPA Lead Certified

EPA Lead Certified

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Energy Star Certified

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Maintenance Tips

  • Use a common glass cleaner with a lintless cloth, sponge or chamois to clean the glass. The use of a rubber squeegee will speed glass drying. Glass cleaner may be used on sash and frame, or a mild detergent solution may be used instead.
  • Double-hung jamb balance tracks should be cleaned periodically to prevent dirt buildup. A light spray of clear, dry, teflon lubricant may help improve operation.
  • The bottom sash of the double-hung window tilts in for easy cleaning. To tilt in bottom sash, raise it 1″ – 2″ from sill. Release tilt latches on the top of the sash corners and tilt in. Always support sash while cleaning.
  • The upper sash of the double-hung window also tilts in. While bottom sash is tilted in, lower the upper sash 4″ – 5″ from top of window frame. Next release tilt latches at the upper sash corners and tilt in. Again, support sash while cleaning. When through, snap sash back into place.
  • For cleaning the sash of a slider window, simply slide window open. Snugly grasp the sash on right and left edges. Then lift it up as far as possible while swinging the bottom of sash inward out of its track. Replace sash in a reverse manner.
  • The picture window (where fitted) has a fixed glass and will require cleaning from inside and outside separately.
  • Replacement casement windows have hinges which allow cleaning of both surfaces from the inside once the sash is opened 90 degrees.
  • Awning windows are best cleaned from the inside and outside separately.
  • The patio door roller track should be kept clear and free of small debris in order to ensure smooth and quiet operation of the patio door. Additionally, moving parts of the patior door lock should be lubricated with a teflon lubricant once a year to ensure optimal performance. Frame and glass door panels should be cleaned with a common glass cleaner or mild detergent solution.
  • For garden windows, the inside and outside of the glass is best cleaned separately. To protect and seal the wooden seatboard and surrounding wooden frame components, apply primer/paint or stain per the manufacturer’s instructions. Protect all vinyl surfaces during application. Make certain there is plenty of ventilation in your working area. A wood oil soap is recommended for cleaning the wooden components. When watering plants, immediately blot up any water run-off seatboard to prevent water marks and damage from occurring.
  • Rusco vinyl windows are designed to provide style, thermal efficiency and long-lasting performance. Only a little care and common sense are needed to keep them in top operating condition for many years.
  • Sills should be kept clean and, when practical, windows and doors locked for maximum weather seal and security.
  • Slider window wills should be kept clean so they glide easily and seal tightly. Drain holes located in each track should be kept open.
  • Urban areas generally have varying degrees of air pollution. To ensure smooth, continuous service, all hinges and operators should be protected annually with a clear, dry, teflon spray lubricant.
  • Screens (when fitted) should be washed as needed. Wire screening may be shellacked, varnished or coated with boiled linseed oil. Synthetic screening needs no preservative.
  • Rusco double-hung vinyl windows are fitted with an easy-lift balance system. Whatever position the sash is in, the window will only need minimal pressure to open or close. No window should be slammed.
  • While casement and awning windows and garden window side vents provide excellent ventilation, you should be aware that under high wind situations, the window could become damaged if left open.
  • Rusco vinyl windows are thermally efficient, and so the insulated glass and chambered vinyl frame should be virtually free of condensation. Should you experience condensation, that could be a signal that your home’s interior humidity level exceeds the maximum recommended by building authorities (like the National Warm Air Heating Association).


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